Jumuah Service in the Core

We gather on Friday afternoons for Jumuah Prayer. We’d love to have you join us!

Friday prayer is an obligation for Muslims – it consists of two brief talks followed by a short cycle of Arabic recitation, and communal standing, kneeling and prostration. Our service is open to everyone, but due to fire code regulations, changing locations and the need to intelligently plan we require you to register every Friday morning if you’d like to attend.


When does it start?
  • Doors open 1:50pm
  • Call to Prayer/ First Adhan: 2:00pm
  • Updates: 2:06pm
  • Second Adhan/Sermon Begins: 2:08 pm
Will the service be in English?

Yes, but there will be occasional Arabic references. Here’s a list of common Arabic expressions Muslims use in everyday life. If you don’t understand something please ask a greeter to help.

Do I need to cover my head?

Please come as you are. Those who would like to participate in the prayer may choose to wear a head covering.  

What do I need to wear?

Please come as you are.

Where should I go when I come?

A greeter will be there to assist you. You’re welcome to observe from the side on designated seating or pray with the congregation. Please let a greeter know how we can best serve you on your arrival.

Please note: Muslims women and men pray separately. Within the space there will be designated spaces for both men and women. However, the observation area is not gender segregated.

Can I come if I’m not Muslim? Can I bring a friend?

Please join us! We request that you register ahead of time via tarjuma.ca/friday.

What is Jumuah?

Jumuah, literally means Friday in Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, and other languages. It is a communal obligatory prayer held every Friday afternoon. It consists of a short sermon/reminder followed by recitations from the Quran, communal standing, kneeling and prostrating.

Are women welcome?


What language will be spoken?

The sermon will be in English with a small section and occasional references in Arabic. Arabic is the language of revelation and is considered by many to be essential to the Friday sermon. For this reason a small portion of the talk is delivered in Arabic. If you have difficulty with any of the terminology please ask a greeter for assistance.

Here’s a list of common Arabic expressions Muslims use in everyday life. If you don’t understand something please ask a greeter to help.

Where do I put my shoes? Can I keep my shoes on?

We will have a designated area for you to take off your shoes inside the space.

If you’re observing from the side and prefer to keep your shoes on that’s okay. If you’re coming on to the floor seating/prayer area taking off your shoes would be sign of respect and help us keep the area clean.

Is there seating?

Yes, there will be chairs available for observers and those uncomfortable with sitting on the floor.

How will money be used?

Our budget

Monthly Recurring Costs 

$400 space rental & storage

$400 honorarium for speakers

$440 for administrative support (jummah operations coordinator and admin assistant)

$120 for hospitality (coffee etc)

$70 for neighbourly gifts (doughnuts, coffee, etc)

$45 for wear & tear on rugs

$44 for online systems

$300 for growth, planning, content & systems development

Total monthly cost $1919

How can I contribute?

Thank you for showing support. You can donate in the following ways…

  1. Online at tarjuma.ca/give
  2. Via a donation envelope you can collect every week.
  3. Via the donation box at the service. Credit and Debit options will also be available at the service.

Please note: If you’d like a tax receipt please use the online form or envelop. Tax receipts will be mailed out early in the new year.

What will you talk about?

We aim to provide uplifting and relevant content for the downtown community – with no prerequisite knowledge of Islam. Our hope is to deliver traditionally rooted lessons/reflections that you can apply within the week and that will help improve your work and home life.

Past topics have included: Giving and Receiving Feedback, Fasting with Ease, and Balancing Trust & Preparation.

How long will the service take?

From beginning to end the service will conclude within  30 minutes;  we respect your time and other commitments.


You are welcome to stay and chat/network after the service, but we ask that you be mindful of our neighbours and keep the elevator lobby and outside areas as quiet as possible.

Where is it?

The venue will shift between pedway connected locations. We’ll email you the location on Friday morning. Please register to receive the email.

Where can I make wudu?

We ask that you make wudu, ritual ablution, before coming to prayer. If you’re unable to do so you can use the sinks in the food court at City Centre Mall (3rd floor map). If you’d prefer a private option, there’s a handicap washroom with a lockable door on the concourse between Manulife and Commerce place (main floor). We ask that you do your best to minimize water waste and keep keep the area tidy for others by drying the area you use after washing.

How long will the whole service take?

The sermon and prayers will conclude within 30 minutes.

Are women welcome?


Why downtown?

We’ve started in the downtown because the downtown community is underserved; lacking both service that fits their tight schedule (when factoring in parking and other logistics issues), as well as content they can meaningfully connect with. Downtown also presents us with unique options to access space with a large catchment area and nurture meaningful community.

Why is Tarjuma doing this?

Tarjuma wants to make the communal Friday prayer a richer and more meaningful experience.

Is this a permanent offering?

This is a trial. We need your support to make this permanent. See below for how you can help us.

May I bring food?

Yes, but please email friday@tarjuma.ca prior.

Can kids come?

Kids may come, but at this time we don’t offer them a separate space or babysitting.

Do you have scarves or skirts to borrow?

Yes. You may borrow a scarf or skirt if you’d like. They’ll be kept near the entrance.

I want to come. What do I do?

Please register at tarjuma.ca/Friday and check-in every week via email. 

Why do I need to register?

We ask that you register so that we can a) keep you informed of location changes, b) respect fire code and regulations and c) intelligently plan and prepare the space. Your information will not be shared.

How do I register?

Every attendees and observer needs to register. Here’s how…


First timers:

Step 1: Sign-up using your email address at tarjuma.ca/friday.

Step 2: Check your email on Friday morning. We’ll send you a link by 10:30am. If you don’t see an email, check your spam folder. You may need to whitelist tarjuma.ca.

Step 3: Complete the check in form linked in the email.

Step 4: Check in with our greeter at the service. Greeters will be present in the lobby of  the Oxford Tower.



Step 1: Check your email on Friday morning. We’ll send you a link by 10:30am. If you don’t see an email, check your spam folder. You may need to whitelist tarjuma.ca.

Step 2: Complete the check in form linked in the email.

Step 3: Check in with our greeter at the service. Greeters will be present in the lobby of the Oxford Tower.

What do you do with my registration info?

Your info will not be shared. You will only be contacted about Tarjuma’s Friday service and the occasional update on Tarjuma’s other programming. You are able to opt-out at any time.

I can’t register. What should I do?

If you can’t register it is likely because we are at capacity for fire-code regulations. We suggest that you go to a nearby mosque. Friendly reminder to register early in the day.

Walking distance:
Sahaba Mosque
Masjid Taqwa

Short driving distance:
Quba Mosque
MCE Mosque

In the future we hope to accommodate multiple services.

I didn’t register? Can I still come?

You may register up until the event begins. If you need help registering you can email friday@tarjuma.ca.

Can I tell my friends?

Yes, but let them know weekly registration is required.

Tarjuma is a Muslim community on Treaty 6 Territory and Métis Homeland (Edmonton, AB, Canada).

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